Xochi Raye

12792245_10154072432556465_2865512755879689521_oMy journey on the path of Intuitive Arts began 20 years ago, when I received my first deck of Tarot cards. Since that time, my life has been a divinely guided adventure, and my work has multi-dimensionally evolved and expanded over the years.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to study with and learn from many wonderful teachers, all over the world.  I also attended two Schools of Herbalism as well as the School of Nursing at California State University, Sonoma.  Please read about my educational background and experience on the next page.

It is my joy and honor to serve as a Healing Arts Facilitator, Holistic Consultant, Shamanic Practitioner, Creatrix and Initiated Priestess.  My natural function is to channel, transmit and transmute energy and information.  Integrating all I have learned into and through this capacity of psychic perceptivity and channeling, my work is to support people in creating well-being, health, clarity, vitality, contentment, empowerment, success, and joy in their lives.  There are several services I offer in this way, presented here on this website.  I invite you to peruse these pages and please contact me if there is any way I can support you in your commitment to your health and happiness.

Aloha and Many Blessings to you ~ Xochi

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