Transmutational Priestess ~ Ceremony & Transmissions

ceremonial priestessFor me, being a Priestess means living committed to a Sacred Path, living in service and devotion, living Prayer. It took a 20 year journey of healing, forgiveness, purification, realization, initiation, empowerment and embodiment to step fully into this role, and it is my humble honor to serve in this way. The function of a Priestess is to surrender, to exist in emptiness, to serve the One in All. She transmits Truth, radiates Compassion, transmutes Shadow, embodies Love, channels Power, walks in Wisdom.  “She is a chalice of Emptiness translating the Divine into Embodiment with no impendance, no friction, light becoming light in a Mobius strip infinity symbol.” ~ Ariel Spilsbury, 13 Moon Oracle.

Ceremony is not just a way of commemorating a time or enacting a rite. Ceremony can create a Sacred connection between the many worlds, allowing for exchange of energy and intention. There are infinite ways to perform ceremony, for myriad purposes. Since ancient times, humans have created ceremony to pray for rain, celebrate an imminent childbirth, honor individuals, consecrate Holy Union, ground intentions, offer gratitude, and release grief. Ceremony assists us as humans in moving through the many powerful passages we make in Life, and unites us as People through the unspoken prayers of our hearts.

Xochi_PriestessTransmission is the act of functioning as an empty channel so that energy or information can move through into a tangible form. This can be offered in many ways…through spoken word, dance, art, sound… The Priestess becomes a chalice, a medium, a conduit for the Divine, a messenger of the gods, allowing her mind and body to be used to express something beyond herself. “As a Sacred tool in the Mystery, the function of the chalice is to train consciousness in the transduction of subtle magnetic frequencies of resonant information. Our bodies are such a chalice, containing that which is being vibrationally transmitted, that is, carried from one medium to another.” ~ Ariel Spilsbury, 13 Moon Oracle

2012_ceremonyIn this way, I am often in ceremony and transmission, whether walking prayers and offering flowers on a mountainside, or blessing the waters of my bath. I connect with the phases of the moon and the transits of the planets to align my process of healing, evolution and expansion with Divine and Celestial support, and to honor the gods, the days, the invisible allies. I take time to practice being still and empty, to nuture and nourish myself, to receive insights and inspirations, and to give thanks for the incredible beauty and blessedness of Life. My pubic offerings as a Priestess are as such, however, more formalized. It is a profound joy for me to serve in facilitating ceremony for any type of passage, and in offering transmissions for healing, guidance, inspiration and transference of energy or information.

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