Blue Lotus Intuitive Arts - Xochi Raye - Flower Ceremony

” I have had the great fortune of receiving sessions from Xochi for many years now. I can honestly say her practice stands apart from anyone else i have worked with. I had deeply transformational experiences each session that continue for days after the session. She continues to amaze me with her fearlessness “to go in,” meaning she will go where the body, energy, and her intuition leads…and that is where the profound keys lie to unlock and open into healing. I offer my recommendation for those seeking a thorough, multi-modality, and abundant experience.”  ~ Tenley, Ashland OR 


“Xochi Raye is an incredibly gifted intuitive.  Someone I call a ‘healers healer’.  Those kind of people are rare on this Earth.  Over the years I have sought out the best healers on the planet wherever my travels took me.  Xochi is absolutely one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and I’ve been working with her for almost a decade. If you’re looking for someone who can help you on so many different levels, even ones you never knew existed, then I would highly recommend a session with Xochi.  It is truly one of the best investments in your health and happiness that can be made. ~ Christopher Love, Portland OR


“Xochi Raye is a divine creature who emanates a harmonious spirituality. When I had the pleasure to work with her, I was immediately inspired and attracted to her sophistication and dedication. Her level of understanding of the esoteric is staggering. We celebrated the completion of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 together in Mexico, and while our time there was intense, I never felt calmer or more cared for. Xochi guided and predicated a deeply profound ceremony to welcome in the new cycle of time, and she was the guiding force of accountability and strength in our group.  Xochi is a knowledgeable woman who is connected with source magic power, someone who sees the best in those around her and is dedicated to their success.” ~ Irena Serena, Nevada City CA


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