Spacial Alchemy ~ Sacred Space & Altar Creations

libaltar2Spacial Alchemy is the art of sacred space design and creation. It involves the intentional utilization of specific elements for both symbolic and vibrational purposes, such as water, earth, fire, air, color, plants, stones, textures, images, sculpture and directions. As an alchemist with a knack for interior decor, I’ve been offering Spacial Alchemy and creating Sacred Space for more than 20 years, working with clients in their homes, businesses, gardens, events and ceremonies. 

Mostly I work from an intuitive state together with my clients’ ideas, goals, and intentions, drawing from independent studies and practice in Feng Shui, Symbolism, Shamanic Arts, World Spiritual Traditions, Art and Interior Design. Projects have ranged from small but potent altars and shrines to entire homes, to the creation of magnificent zones in absolutely empty spaces.

I feel that one of my soul’s primary purposes and expressions is to contribute Beauty to the world. Spacial Alchemy is absolutely one my favorite and practical ways to do this. Because we are working on an alchemical level, with specific intentions & vibrations, these creations bring more than just beauty. They are like a physical prayer, and they invoke a certain kind of magic that is literally viscerally experienced. Sacred spaces can change lives, inspire and uplift, bring healing and unite spirit with matter. 

Please read more about me and my background for more information about how I serve as well as my spectrum of education and experience.


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