Shamanic Realignment ~ Space & Land Clearing & Healing

elephantFor more than two decades, I have served in a shamanic capacity to clear, shift, heal and align energies for people, spaces, homes & lands. There are many reasons why heavy energies can get stuck and linger, and the sources for these disruptive and imbalanced energies are plentiful. Whether it is from the energetic imprints of trauma from previous inhabitants, residues of drug use, trapped spirits or stuck thought patterns, my work is to function from an interdimensional, shamanic state to clear these frequency patterns and then reset the space according to its genuine vibration and the intentions of the individuals I am working with. 

Generally my clients work directly with me as much as possible, in order to empower them in this process and integrate their highest selves and intentions. Every clearing/healing is different, and we work with a variety of possible tools, such as rattles & drums, singing & chanting, brooms & fans, salt & smoke, plants & crystals, &/or ceremony.  

We begin with a free 10 minute initial consultation in which I receive information from my clients regarding the proposed clearing/healing work, and I then offer my professional and intuitive insights and suggestions. I work with each client individually, taking into consideration all goals and realistic parameters. 

Although it is best when working with a space or land for me to be physically present, it is not necessary. I can work by remote, and I also instruct my clients as to how to do the physical part of the work themselves with my energetic and shamanic support. 

Shamanic clearing and healing is made exponentially stronger when Spacial Alchemy is then applied to the area, especially in a personal space. Spacial Alchemy is the intentional creation of a Sacred Space, and is further presented on this website.

Please read more about me and my background for more information about how I serve as well as my spectrum of education and experience.


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