Golden Compass Soul Navigation ~ Psychic/Intuitive Reading & Clearing

turtle_v2H (2)Often in our journey of life we reach crossroads or blocks to our personal advancement, whether that be in relationships, health, finance or direction. There can be periods of confusion or inner conflict, in which we can’t quite decide which is the path to take, especially when facing major, life-changing choices. Other times we become aware of patterns that keep us stuck in outmoded ways of being and the consequences of those patterns. We wish to make changes and shed those skins, so to speak, but we’re not sure how.

In a Golden Compass Soul Navigation session, I work with my clients in the esoteric realms by connecting with our higher selves, angels and spirit guides. We are able to access information about past-life overlays, familial/ancestral inherited issues, childhood trauma, karmic contracts, and/or personality traits, and how they relate to the current issues or questions. 

In a trance-state I channel the information coming through, and I will often use muscle-testing, pendulum dowsing, and/or divination for verification of these transmissions, and to gain further clarification on answers and resolutions to the issues presented.

Then, with my client’s permission, I will shamanically go into those “areas” to work with my client’s higher self, angels and spirit guides to identify and release or transmute any stored trauma, debilitating genetic codes, hooks or cords, and/or entities impeding the natural flow of the individual’s energy, in order to restore vision, receptivity and activation of their highest Truth.

This work results in a renewed sense of clarity and freedom. People experience a fuller state of self-empowerment and embodiment. Often there is a chain-reaction of events in the lives of my clients to further support and activate the intentions set and work done in our sessions. Most importantly, my clients feel confident in moving forward in their lives, knowing they can trust their own inner guidance to make the right choices, and with the strength to make long-lasting positive changes.

Please read more about me and my background for more information about how I serve as well as my spectrum of education and experience.

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