Education & Initiation


Bachelor of Science in Nursing ~ California State University, Sonoma 2003

Associates of Health Sciences ~ Sacramento City College, 1999

Associates of Journalism ~ Sacramento City College, 1992


Certificate of Clinical Herbalism ~ California School of Herbal Studies 2000

Certificate of Integrative Herbology ~ Evergreen School of Integrative Herbology 1999

Certificate of Massage Therapy ~ Massage Therapy Institute of Davis, California 1999



It all began with a program of initiation into the practice of Wicca through a series of classes in 1992, with Heather Ash. She introduced me to herbalism, divination, intuition and guided visualization. Later she also initiated me into the practice of firewalking, which readied me for the incredible journey of Life to come.

In 1993, for 3 months I lived and apprenticed with Robyn Martin of Olala Farms in the Sierra Nevada foothills. On the sacred native land upon which she and her family lived and farmed foods and medicine, I learned the beginnings of medicine making, formulating, permaculture, wildcrafting, animal guides and shamanism.  During that time I also often met with an elder named Sylvia Anderson, who filled me with knowledge about astrology, the ancient history of humans and our connections to the Star Nations.

In 1994 I received my Reiki Level 1 attunement, which essentially initiated me into the understanding and practice of Energy Healing. I then traveled to Ireland, where I was divinely guided to be connected with a woman named Salinda Magdalena. I lived and apprenticed with her for 3 months, and in those wild lands I was introduced to my ability to discern energies, understand my psychic receptivity and connect to invisible guides and other worlds. Salinda taught me how to work psychically by remote, perceive laylines in the Earth, open portals and work with intention.

transmutationThe following year, in 1995 I received my Reiki Level 2 attunement, and then journeyed to England, where I again found myself magically connected with yet another powerful teacher, Kathy Jones in Glastonbury England, founder of the Institute of Avalon and the International Goddess Festival. She invited me to participate with her in Sacred Theater, and initiated me into the Avalonian Mysteries. While in Glastonbury I was also invited to work at a shop called Starchild, where I was introduced to the art of alchemy and magical formulations.

From 1998-2003 I attended college for Nursing School, as well as schools of Herbalism and Massage Therapy.

My deeper journey with entheogenic medicines and practices began in 2000, and continue forward. Through this work I have been able to do a lot of deep healing within myself, and I’ve come to understand more about my natural shamanic function as a transmitter and transmutator and how to work more and more efficiently in this capacity.

In 2006 I lived in Mt. Shasta, California, and worked in a crystal shop, where I studied the magical nature of crystals and minerals and received multiple downloads about how to integrate and implement the medicine of the stones.  I also studied and was certified for a quantum interface biofeedback technology.

In 2012 I participated with the first year of the College of the Melissae, a school of Sacred Beekeeping, with Laura Bee. It was an incredible blessing to get to know the mysteries and deeper teachings of these tiny divine ambassadors for conscious community, the true harmonious nature of Human Being, new ways to sense and navigate, magical spiritual connections between humans and bees, and ancient Sacred beekeeping practices.

In 2013 I began my rites of initiation with Ariel Spilsbury, creatrix of the 13 Moon Oracle and founder of the 13 Moon Priestess Lineage. There are no words to express what I have learned in these passages, or how I have been transformed, expanded, refined, clarified, and empowered to finally step fully into my purposeful service through Blue Lotus Intuitive Arts.

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