Detoxification & Rejuvenation Facilitation ~ Individualized Consulting & Support

Even with an organic, healthy diet, toxins accumulate in our systems from sources like tapwater, EMFs, unknown food incompatibilities, and even the most occasional consumption of substances such as sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. The buildup of toxins causes our organs to work less optimally, and creates inflammation of our joints and tissues, fluxes in our hormones and neurotransmitters, fatigue, memory-loss, and weight-gain. Much of the weight that many people carry is due to water retention as a result of the body’s response to toxins in the organs and tissues. Many peoples’ experience of brain-fog, memory-loss, and mood-swings is due to toxic buildup and the byproducts of parasites and yeasts in our digestive systems. 

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Regular detoxification supports our organs and systems in functioning optimally, keeps our bodies out of inflammation and pain, prevents premature aging, and significantly reduces mental and emotional imbalances. Although the idea of doing a cleanse may seem intimidating or impossible because of existing parameters, such as time, location, finances and fears, it is actually quite possible for anyone to create a personalized program for detoxification that works that within their individual means and constraints.

As a Holistic Consultant with both a medical and holistic educational background, as well as extensive experience with detoxification, I work with clients to develop a program and protocols that work specifically for them. We begin by identifying personal goals and the parameters within which these goals can be achieved. And we take it from there. A cleanse can be done intensively, that is, taking a period of a week to two weeks to really focus specifically on the detoxification and rejuvenation process. Or it can be done more gently and long-term, allowing for factors such as jobs and families, etc. Perhaps there are days or shorter blocks of days that can be focused on intensively, or not. Whatever the current situation or reality, the objective of detoxification and restoration of a healthy, functioning, whole being can be achieved. 

I am available for consultation by Skype or phone. I am also available to come to your home and be physically present to support you in person through your cleansing process.

My work is purely as a consulting and support service, and not as a licensed medical professional. I offer my knowledge, insights, opinions and experience. I am delighted to receive your donation, suggested at 99$ an hour. I offer a free 10 minute introductory session for us to introduce ourselves and for you to interview me or ask preliminary questions. 

Please read more about me and my background for more information about how I serve as well as my spectrum of education and experience.

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